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About Me

Here's to the crazy ones.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The Misfits. The Rebels. The Troublemakers. …The only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. Be a change agent, for one thing it’s fun and defines you as a leader! 

#changeagent #whosaidit #dontstandstill #bearebel #beamisfit #beatroublemaker #leadernotaboss

We, Us, Me...

Skilled in what makes a great learner experience with an understanding of collaborative learning spaces and e-learning methodologies.

Advocate of technology, e-learning, computer based learning environments, whiteboards, marker pens, stuff to write on, blackboards, old fashioned paper. They all have a place, it’s how you use them. Don’t be blinded by technology, but let technology enhance learning. Using ICT in a classroom poorly is just as bad as hiding from it.

Create a blended learning experience which is ‘learner led’ and the world becomes a much more interesting place for students. Even as a facilitator, don’t be afraid to do just that, facilitate learning. So what if you’re being led at times, we all are, just make great learners, with skills that encourage lifelong learning. 

Canvas LMS

An excellent Learner Management System used mainly in a Higher Education setting.

#cloud #canvassupport #notcheap

Google Classroom

Get the most from one of the big guns in Further Education for very little cost to Educational Organisations.

#cloud #quicktodeploy #hiddencosts

Moodle LMS

Still a recognised LMS in the world of education. Have your own services and support? They could be an option.

#notfree #selfhosting #canbeconfusing

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