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Advocate of technology & e-learning

Skilled in what makes a great learner experience with an understanding of collaborative learning spaces and e-learning methodologies.

Virtual Learning Environments

Years of experience with different VLE installations and configurations.


Skilled in ways to get the most from course design that will supercharge your delivery of content


Think strategy to get a better implementation of your learning platform

Don't be blinded by technology, but let technology enhance learning.

Create blended learning experiences which are ‘personalised’ and ‘learner led’ and the world becomes a much more interesting place for students. Even as a facilitator, don’t be afraid to do just that, facilitate learning.

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Generative AI in Photoshop

Generative fill in Photoshop isn’t just another tool—it’s a creative powerhouse! Imagine effortlessly conjuring captivating patterns, textures, and designs with…

Driving Canvas: Modules vs Pages

When is it best to drive Canvas courses via Modules or Pages can differ depending on needs, but driving via…

Preparing & Activating

Next we shift our focus towards the first two elements of PANDA, PREPARE & ACTIVATE. If you missed the first part in this 6…