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Canvas: Multiple Dropdowns

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I wanted to create a quick survey questionnaire for students in Canvas, but at first glance it wasn’t possible with the questions available, until I stumbled across ‘Multiple Dropdowns‘. I guess this will teach me to not read all of the Canvas Guides as it’s… Read More »Canvas: Multiple Dropdowns

Old Tech, new Tech!

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When new, laptops are awesome. Then you get to the point of thinking “this lappy, its not what it was, I need a new one“. A few years later you find the once loved tech stuffed in a cupboard, this has happened to me on… Read More »Old Tech, new Tech!

Personal Learning Environments

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Yesterday morning I saw a post on linkedIn about Personal Learning Environments, and that got me thinking about the current state of affairs with the Covid-19 pandemic and how education has changed our teaching and working practices. Having worked in education for a long time,… Read More »Personal Learning Environments