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Advocate of technology & e-learning

Skilled in what makes a great learner experience with an understanding of collaborative learning spaces and e-learning methodologies.

Virtual Learning Environments

Years of experience with different VLE installs and configurations.


Skilled in methods to get the most from course design that supercharges your delivery


Think strategy to get a better implementation of your learning platform

Don't be blinded by technology, but let technology enhance learning.

Create blended learning experiences which are ‘personalised’ and ‘learner led’ and the world becomes a much more interesting place for students. Even as a facilitator, don’t be afraid to do just that, facilitate learning.


Canvas: Multiple Dropdowns

I wanted to create a quick survey questionnaire for students in Canvas, but at first glance it wasn’t possible with…

Moving House-ish

I’d been thinking of moving my hosting and domains under AWS or Amazon Web Store for some time now, so…

Old Tech, new Tech!

When new, laptops are awesome. Then you get to the point of thinking “this lappy, its not what it was,…

Personal Learning Environments

Yesterday morning I saw a post on linkedIn about Personal Learning Environments, and that got me thinking about the current…