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Canvas: Multiple Dropdowns

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I wanted to create a quick survey questionnaire for students in Canvas, but at first glance it wasn’t possible with the questions available, until I stumbled across ‘Multiple Dropdowns‘. I guess this will teach me to not read all of the Canvas Guides as it’s… Read More »Canvas: Multiple Dropdowns

Moving House-ish

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I’d been thinking of moving my hosting and domains under AWS or Amazon Web Store for some time now, so why you ask? To be fair my last hosting was sound, it did what it needed to do. Serve web pages to the Internet and… Read More »Moving House-ish

Old Tech, new Tech!

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When new, laptops are awesome. Then you get to the point of thinking “this lappy, its not what it was, I need a new one“. A few years later you find the once loved tech stuffed in a cupboard, this has happened to me on… Read More »Old Tech, new Tech!

Personal Learning Environments

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Yesterday morning I saw a post on linkedIn about Personal Learning Environments, and that got me thinking about the current state of affairs with the Covid-19 pandemic and how education has changed our teaching and working practices. Having worked in education for a long time,… Read More »Personal Learning Environments